Date-Time Module in Python

The data-time is a built-in module supplies classes for manipulating dates and times.

use the now() method to access the current date and time.

Date class in datetime module

We can represent the data object using the data class

Syntax to create a data object, month, day)

it will return the current local date.

Time class in datetime module

To work only with time, we can use the time class.

Syntax to create a time object

datetime.time(hour, minute, second, microsecond, tzinfo, *, fold)

The arguments should be in the following range:

  • 0 <= hour < 24
  • 0 <= minute < 60
  • 0 <= second < 60
  • 0 <= microsecond < 1000000
  • Fold in [0, 1]
  • tzinfo is  the timezone information.

If we pass an argument outside of given ranges, ValueError is raised.

Use to return the local time.

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