What are the Different Applications of NLP in the Real World?

NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence. It is used to analyze and understand human language. NLP has many applications in the real world that can be used for different purposes.

Some of these applications include:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a technique for understanding the sentiment in text. NLP can be utilized to identify sentiment in a customer’s feedback, or in product reviews, and it can be used to look for patterns amongst these sentiments. This information can then be used as a data set for predictive analysis to improve business decisions.

Natural language generation: Natural language generation is the process of generating text in a form that appears to be written by a human. This technique has been used in various forms, such as chatbots and emails. This AI writing assistant can understand the structure of language and generate original, creative content in no time.

Machine translation: Machine translation utilizes computers to translate text from one language to another. This technology can be used in a variety of ways such as translating a word or phrase to determine if it is appropriate in a different culture or translating large bodies of text, usually consisting of legal documents, into different languages so that they are accessible by more people.

Speech recognition: Speech recognition is a technique that converts voice input into text form so that it can be processed by a computer. The speech engine’s vocabulary is limited to words in its database, which need to be learned through training or reading. There are many applications for the technology, from dictation and transcription to human-machine interaction and translation.

Text understanding: Computers have access to a vast amount of texts on the internet and in books, which humans can’t read or understand. Text understanding is an artificial intelligence technique that enables computers to process and understand human texts by extracting information about people, places and events mentioned in the texts. This technique can be applied in many areas such as natural language processing, web search, text summarization and even predictive text.

NLP can also be used for customer service chatbots, where it will use natural language processing to understand what the customer needs and provide them with appropriate information or solutions.

It can also help with search engine optimization by analyzing content and providing relevant keywords for it, which will help rank higher on search results pages.

NLP is also used in customer service for companies like Amazon or Netflix. If you want to know about the latest episode of your favorite TV show or if your package has been delivered yet, these companies will use NLP to answer you back as quickly as possible.

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