How Instagram uses Machine Learning

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications today. As with any business today, there are many areas where Instagram uses data science. So, if you want to know how Instagram uses Machine Learning, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways Instagram uses machine learning.

Below are some of the ways Instagram is using data science for their business.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics is one of the features of Instagram designed exclusively for content creators on Instagram. Insights provided by Instagram analytics help creators understand their audience and make multiple decisions.

Below are some of the insights the creator gained from her Instagram Analytics.

  1. Audience Reached (Top Cities, Top Countries, Top Age Groups, and Gender)
  2. Number of Followers and Non-Followers
  3. Reached and Engaged on Each Post
  4. Profile Visits, Followers, and Website Visits for Each Post Taps Your Most Active Time Audience and more.

helps each creator decide when and what to post.

Content and User Recommendations

Instagram recommends content based on your interests. Instagram has data about the topics and types of content you want to see on Instagram. It uses your data like:

  1. Type on content you liked
  2. Types of content you interact with most often
  3. Types of users or creators you follow
  4. Attention spans for different types of content, and so on.

Instagram’s recommendation system uses your data to recommend interesting content and users. It helps us provide a better user experience.

User-Based Advertising

Instagram does not charge for downloads from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Also, there are no subscription plans. So how does Instagram make money? Instagram shows you ads based on your interests.

Instagram has a very large number of users. With all types of users, it’s easy for any business (large or small) to advertise their services on a platform where they can find their target audience.

Instagram uses your data, search history, to show ads based on products and services that interest you.


Here are some of the ways Instagram is applying machine learning to their business. The sole ultimate goal of using data on Instagram is to provide a better user experience for both consumers and content creators. I hope you enjoyed this article on how Instagram uses machine learning.

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