Top 3 books to read about Computer Vision?

1 – Computer Vision: Algorithm and Application

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The focus of this book is on algorithms, applications, and techniques for image processing and recognition in computer vision. And this book is also discussed real-world applications and implementation and practical challenges for computer vision. It is one of the excellent books about modern computer vision and covers almost all the methods. This book is suitable for a senior-level course in Computer Vision.

2 – Concise Computer Vision: An Introduction into Theory and Algorithms

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This book gives a general introduction to the fundamental topic of Computer Vision. This boom also includes programming exercises and questionnaires at the end of each chapter. This book covers a wide range of Computer Vision Topics.

3 – Deep Learning for Computer Vision

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This book will provide that what you need to know to build a good model from scratch and also this book covers how to use Deep Learning for your Computer Vision applications. It is easy to read and one of the best books in the market.

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