10 Underrated AI Tools That Will Change Your Life and Business

Tool 1: QR Code Generator Create customized QR codes in seconds – Add your desired content, such as a URL or social media handle – Choose from a variety of free styles – Download, publish, or use for branding purposes

AI is rapidly transforming the world around us, and there are many underrated AI tools that can have a major impact on your life and business. Here are 10 such tools that you should check out:

Tool 2: Opinely – Analyze product review videos of your competitors – Gain valuable insights into their products and customer feedback – Identify areas for improvement in your own product – Stay one step ahead of your rivals

Tool 3: Picsart – AI logo generator – Enter your brand name and choose colors and graphics – Generate a brand new logo in seconds – Fast, simple, and awesome!

Tool 4: Podwise – Podcast note-taking app – Provides summaries, mind maps, keywords, transcripts, and show notes – Save time by quickly grasping the key points of podcasts without listening to the entire episode – A must-have for podcast enthusiasts

Tool 5: AI Meal Planner – Create personalized meal plans with the assistance of AI – Input your preferences, such as allergies, dietary restrictions, and goals – Generate a complete meal plan for a day or more – Simplify the meal planning process and achieve your health and wellness goals